Kevin Hart Tour 2016

Want to enjoy an unforgettable night of comedy? One of the worlds foremost comedians is currently on the road and he’s hitting all the major cities in the United States as well as some dates in other countries! You can see the Kevin Hart tour 2016 in a city near you! You definitely haven’t heard any of these jokes that he’s going to be using in his upcoming shows, the entire act is 100% new! It’s still not too hard to get tickets if you purchase them soon, so you don’t want to wait around until a few weeks before he visits your town.

The name of Kevin’s brand-new comedy tour is the what now tour. It’s pretty rare even today for a comedian to be able to play arenas solo, but he is able to do just that. There are perhaps only one or two other comedians who is able to play the size of venues that Kevin does. It seems that he is even surpassing these few other guys who are even in the same league as him, he is pretty much the biggest star that the comedy world has right now.

Every show that he has played has been a sellout. Arena after arena, fans are lining up outside the door just to be able to catch a single night of his comedy stylings. If you want even more proof that he is a huge draw just look at his Madison Square Garden show, you won’t need any more convincing after that. How many solo performers are able to fill out that massive arena like he did? The answer is not that many, and that’s probably obvious to everyone.

Usually it takes a hugely popular sports team like the several that New York has in order to fill up a venue like that, but by just getting on a stage and telling jokes the Kevin Hart tour 2016 brings in enough fans to fill the whole place up! Another interesting piece of information regarding Kevin Hart is his rise to stardom. He didn’t need the help of other comedians in order to become a worldwide success that he is today. In around 2008 or 2009, he had an opportunity to perform several concerts with a few other prominent comedians at the time.

Instead of taking the safer route, with a much higher guaranteed payday, he took a chance and decided to head out on the road alone. This was an incredibly risky gamble, in this case it paid off splendidly though. Instead of playing the larger shows that a team of comedians would be able to go to, he went to smaller venues that had only hundreds and perhaps up to 1000 seats. As his initial tour rolled on, he was already selling out venues that had over 2000 seats!

It was this initial chance that led to his career exploding and him becoming one of comedy’s household names. Right now, you won’t be able to find another comedian that can fill up any venue the way that the Kevin Hart tour 2016 can. That’s just a simple fact. His most recent concerts have raked in tons of money, and he is selling more tickets than he could have ever imagined when starting out during those initial shows.

If you want to see him perform in person, now would be an excellent time to pick up some tickets. If you check our ticket listings above you’ll see that we have each and every show that he is going to be performing conveniently laid out for you. You’ll have no trouble finding the performance that’s nearby your city. Take your time to peruse the listings and find some seats that are within your budget.